Professional Signage

Signage is important. It can send one of two messages:

  1. These homeowners are serious about selling their home and have hired a reputable company to market and sell it; or…
  2. These homeowners are not really serious about selling and are messing around with some dubious outfits trying to save a buck.

Which sign do you want in your yard?

 badsign  soho sign
 Choice 1 from an unnamed out-of-state flat-fee company is a flimsy, tacky, throwaway styrofoam or polystyrene sign that screams “FSBO”! After it ships to you, then you have to go buy a frame and hardware and set it up yourself.  Choice 2 is a sturdy high-duty aluminum sign that we will personally install in your yard along with the electronic keybox when we come to your home. Passersby and buyer agents who see it know this is a legit listing.