Step 2: FORMS

When you’re ready, please email to request a Flat-Fee Listing document packet to complete.  Let us know if you want to list for sale, lease, or both.


Your Complete Packet:

Please fill these out and email us the completed, signed package as a single attachment in PDF format (not 30 individual jpegs!). Documents received in an overly cumbersome format will need to be resubmitted.

1. Flat Fee Listing Agreement aka “Exclusive Right to Sell” (ERS) and/or “Exclusive Right to Lease” (ERL).

2. Exclusive Agency Addendum (EAA). This form overrides the language in the Exclusive Right to Sell and/or Exclusive Right to Lease listing agreement(s), explicitly stating your right to market and sell your home independent of your listing agent and to pay no commission when your buyer/tenant comes without another their own agent.s8

3. Information about Brokerage Services (IABS) – generic disclosure required by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC)

4. Input Sheet – all the details about your home to be listed in the MLS (room counts, dimensions, and the very important Property Description). Please type and email us the Property Description (up to 500 characters – spaces included) and Driving Directions (up to 250 characters) exactly as you wish them to appear so we can copy and paste directly into the listing.  If you don’t know what to say in the Property Description, check out other listings in your neighborhood for ideas.s14

5. Seller’s Disclosure (SD) – to protect you from liability down the road with buyers, it is very important that you disclose all material facts you know about the condition of your property. Note that for your protection, every page of this form will be signed or initialed by buyers. If certain situations, additional disclosures and/or forms may be required:

  • Section 1: If you have a septic system, complete Form TAR-1407.
  • Section 3: If you have flood insurance coverage, complete Form TAR-1414.
  • Section 6: If you have a copy of a survey, you should attach it (send it to us as a separate PDF and we will upload it to the agent MLS for licensed buyer agents to share with clients interested in making an offer on your home)
  • Section 7: If you have any copies of any professional inspection reports dated within the last 4 years, you should attach the report(s) (send to us as a separate PDF and we will upload it to the agent MLS for licensed buyer agents to share with clients interested in making an offer on your home)sm26

6. Mandatory Membership in a Property Owners Assocation (POA) – providing this addendum along with other disclosures helps ensure buyers submit the form as part of their offer and can influence the terms of the addendum in your favor.

7. Municipal Utility District (MUD) and/or Levee Improvement District (LID) Disclosures – one or both are required for most suburban areas around Houston. We can help you with the amounts for these forms, but go ahead and fill out as much as you can. We have included two nearly identical Water District disclosures for you to disclose to buyers your MUD and LID if applicable.  If you pay property taxes to a MUD and/or LID, you will need to fill out one form for each district. If you’re not sure, check your county tax bill or the online record for your property on the county appraisal district’s website. (Not required for leases.)

8. Lead Based Paint Disclosure (LBP) – required only for homes built before January 1, 1978. (There are two different LBP forms, one for leases and the other for sales.)