Step 3: PHOTOS


Email us 15-25 good-resolution photos, including an excellent cover shot of the front.  All photos should be <4MB and 1024-2048 pixels x 768-1536 pixels.

Send your photos to wdbeutel @ as attachments onto several email messages with 4-5 photos attached to each message. Please no dropbox or other file sharing programs.

Photos that are too large cannot be uploaded to MLS and will delay your listing.  MS Windows allows you to select multiple photos and size them simultaneously using a right click function.  You can also find several good photo resizing websites by searching online. If you want the photos to be displayed in a particular order, be sure to name the photos with the sequence you want, i.e. 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, etc.

If you provide us your own photos, you give us license (in the listing agreement) to display them on the MLS.


For approx $125-$175 you can hire a professional photographer who specializes in home photography to shoot about 20-25 shots of your home.  In our experience, this small investment is well worth it.  Please note if you procure third-party photographs, you indicate (in the listing agreement) that you have obtained a license from the photographer for us to display their photographs on the MLS.

If you purchase photos, we recommend you purchase a plan that includes photo processing and uploading to the MLS.  If not, you will need to process the photos yourself using the instructions above (select 20-25 photos, download them, rename them with your desired sequence, email as attachments onto several email messages with 4-5 photos attached to each message).