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Texas Flat Fee Broker David Beutel will Sell Your Home and Save you Thousands!


Flat Fee Homes Closed!


Total Commission Dollars Saved on Closed Sales


Average Commission Savings per closed sale


Median price of sold listings as % of final asking price


Median DOM from list to contract!


Total Sold!
Southern Homes DBA Flat Fee Houston Texas.
Upfront Cost$500 – sale
Cost at closing$2500 to us
+ 3%* to buyer agent**
Listing termYou decide! up to 6 months
Contract Work & GuidanceYes!
Listing on, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, etc.Yes!
Prof. Agent-Friendly SignYes!
Showing ServiceYes!
Electronic keyboxYes!
Seller-hosted Open Houses in MLSYes!
No-penalty CancellationYes!
Market Price AnalysisYes!
Unlimited Listing UpdatesYes!

*While 3% is commonly used, sellers are free to offer a different commission rate. **If you procure the buyer through your own marketing and networking efforts, you will not need to pay any buyer’s agent commission!

4 Easy Steps to Sell Your Home

  • 1


    By phone or message to discuss our services and to request a copy of our Seller Packet.

  • 2


    Complete and Return the Seller Packet, Order photos (or take your own), & Pay for the listing by Zelle, Check, Venmo, or Paypal. Contact us for details.

  • 3


    We'll type up your listing and send an assistant to set up the yard sign and supra keybox* and publish the listing to the MLS!
    (*Set up service provided in Houston. In DFW, we will ship the supra and sign panel with instructions for you will set them up.)

  • 4


    We'll set up the showing service to get your approval for showings and request feedback.  We'll present all offers to you and mediate all communications, negotiations, and contracts.




We don’t have a broker to pay or report to – we are the broker!  We have created a highly-efficient business model without expensive overhead.

The extra $6,000-$10,000 most sellers pay above our flat fee is an entirely optional payment to subsidize all the baggage of traditional real estate companies.

Every day, thousands of flat fee listed homes sell throughout the country, just like their more expensive 6% homes. Nowhere does the MLS tell any agent what any seller is paying for a listing.  Nothing in our listings, signage, phone answering, etc suggests anything less than a standard full-price listing, so they probably won't even know (or care) how much you're paying us - so long as they get paid 3%!  Our listings and signage are indistinguishable from full price listings, so they probably won't even know.  We get the same (if not better) results as full price 6% listings. We believe we get faster sales than 6% agents because our low flat fee gives sellers more flexibility (more money to work with in negotiations with buyers).

Not all discount broker are created equally — choose your flat fee broker carefully! 

Among discount brokers, Southern Homes offers the best: 1) Results, 2) Experience, 3) Customer Satisfaction, 4) Professionalism, 5) Simplicity, and 6) Benefit for the Cost.  With professional signs, supra keyboxes, and appointment service, and broker point of contact, our listings are indistinguishable from full-price listings. No Deposits! No complicated smorgasbord with multiple plans and a la carte services to decipher! No nickel-and-diming you for essential services!  

Southern Homes markets your home the only way that really matters: on the MLS.  Any home on the MLS — properly priced — will bring qualified buyers and buyer agents.  No gimmicks required!  A good sign also helps, as many buyers frequently drive through their target neighborhoods. Finally, good pictures on the MLS, especially your cover shot, are also important.  While not necessary, we suggest you consider a professional photography package for a small additional cost.

What about Open Houses?  Based on firsthand experience, we do not believe open houses attract qualified buyers who would not otherwise see the home.  However, you are welcome to host as many open houses as you want and we will publish every one of them on

Probably.  Most likely, your future buyers will already have their own agent who will show your home to them and expect 3% for bringing the buyer.  However, Southern Homes will not try to get both sides of the deal.  If unrepresented buyers cold call us off the sign or listing requesting a showing, we will refer them to you (or advise them to select their own realtor, if you'd prefer it that way).  If you show the home to an unrepresented buyer and reach an agreement with them, without another realtor involved, you can avoid paying the buyer agent commission! 

If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably seen the ads for ultracheap MLS listing services.  $500!  $150!  Only $99!  It’s become a race to the bottom.  Ultracheap flat fee agents have to make their profits through a very large volume of listings. With so many listings, how much time can they reasonably devote to talking with your prospective buyers and buyers’ agents (or even with you after they've taken your money)? We believe most sellers are looking for more personal contact and professional services than can be provided for these ultracheap fees.  Our service gets homes sold with guidance and all essential realtor services along the way. 

Yes!  Rebate Texas LLC dba Southern Homes pays our buyer clients 2% rebates for resales homes and 2.5% rebates on new construction homes!  See our website for all the details!  Like our service for sellers, our value proposition to buyers is the best in the market today!


Rebate Texas LLC dba Southern Homes is a Broker firm licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC), under individual broker W. David Beutel.

My aim in business is to help savvy Texans Save Thousands on Real Estate — and to make a reasonable profit at the same time. I follow the late Zig Ziglar’s edict that you can have whatever you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want in life.

I have saved my clients over $3,640,000 in the form of reduced listing commissions and buyer rebates at closing, while providing a high level of service for well-prepared, low-maintenance clients.

Southern Homes DBA Flat Fee Houston Texas


W David Beutel

W David Beutel

Overall Rating

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Overall Service Rating in each Category


Explained the process clearly, ensured paperwork was correct, used technology efficiently, negotiated effectively, exhibited attention to detail, represented and protected my interests


Market Knowledge

Exhibited knowledge of the real estate market, the neighborhood and community



Updated me regularly, responded in a timely manner, communicated with me in the way I wanted


My Experience

Understood my needs, gave me personal attention, made me feel valued as a client, was on time and prompt. I would recommend this Realtor to a friend or colleague.


Client Comments

David was great guiding us through the process as first-time homebuyers. He's savvy and clearly experienced, his advice was invaluable. We would recommend David to anyone who knows what they're looking for but wants help navigating the process.

Feedback on Nashua Street

David is great about making the selling process easy and helping with how to best handle things during negotiations. Highly recommend.

Feedback on Aughton Drive

David brings the best real estate broker model to homeowners. You would be remiss not to consider it.

Feedback on Channelview Drive

If you need efficiency and insights to help you make your sale or purchase, look no further! We worked with David both on the sale and the purchase transactions. Excellent communication, fast responses and timely advice. Highly Recommended!!

Feedback on Chatsworth Drive

I am very satisfied with David's services.Thank you David!

Feedback on Garden Street

We had a great experience with David and appreciate his expertise and professionalism.

Feedback on Pontchartrain Passage

Smooth transaction. Thx David!

Feedback on Blue Juniper Drive

Very honest professional man good to work with him!

Feedback on Honeybee Hill Circle

David was an excellent realtor for us. We would highly recommend him to anyone who knows what they want and needs someone who is quick, organized, experienced, and clear. We will definitely contact him again if we want to make another purchase.

Feedback on Bellefontaine Street

Easy & smooth transaction. Priceless. Thx David!

Feedback on Thrasher Drive

Best Agent ever used !

Feedback on Ginger Mint Court

David is always very prompt in replying. He is always there for the questions and challenging situations. He will not make you feel that you are all alone in this process. I highly recommend him.

Feedback on Autumn Mist Court

When buying a home, David Beutel's fee structure gives back 2% of his sellers commission to the buyer. This saved my husband and I over $7,000! He was efficient, communicated very quickly and effectively, and competently handed all of the paperwork involved in buying a home. I would highly recommend using David if you are a home buyer who is able to to evaluate homes online instead of having to visit dozens of homes in person. I found the home I wanted online prior to contacting David; he showed us the home (as well as one other home); and then we put in an offer that day. After a little negotiating we got the house at the price point I wanted! David Beutel is an exceptional Houston area realtor with a fee structure that saves buyers 2% of the home's value!!

Feedback on London Lane

David was helpful communicating with Buyers and with some additional paperwork that was required. Good & quick responses through out the process.

Feedback on Park Tree Lane

A Sample of Our Results

Sugar Land

Sold in 6 days, Seller saved $23,600

West Houston

Sold in 16 days, Seller saved $19,540


Sold in 12 days, Seller saved $17,150

Sugar Land

Sold in 4 days, Seller saved $13,615


Sold in 9 days, Seller saved $11,170