2smTo sell your home, Listing on the MLS is essential – but paying 6% is optional — and not recommended!!

For a flat fee of only $600 up-front + $1400 at closing, our Local Houston broker “Southern Homes” will list your home on the MLS, giving you the same exposure in the marketplace as any 6% listing!  You’ll receive all the same essential services that you’d receive from a local 6% agent, including negotiation, guidance, and contract work!

When your listing offers 3% to buyers’ agents at closing, you’ll get the exact same attention from buyers’ agents as other homeowners paying 6%! No more subsidizing a listing broker’s costly overhead, offices, and commissions splits that won’t help sell your home!

Southern Homes’ Flat Fee listings work! Our results speak for themselves!  Since launching our flat fee program a few years ago, we have closed 102 sales and 15 leases and saved our clients over $685,000 in commissions!  Our sold listings closed at 98.3% of final list price on average, went under contract in a median 29 days, and delivered sellers an average savings of $6,791 as compared with regular 6% listings!

4smWe know we’re not the cheapest flat fee service, but we believe we offer the best value: premium service from a local broker at a remarkable discount!

We designed our flat fee listings based on feedback from sellers, who value the savings of a flat fee listing, but prefer to pay the majority of that fee at closing, like with a traditional listing, to ensure that we stay motivated to see the sale through to a successful close!  With Southern Homes, you get both massive savings and a mostly deferred, contingent listing fee  – so you can have your cake and eat it, too!

Our plan is a hybid, offering the best of both worlds — the huge savings associated with a flat fee approach, combined with the premium features associated with traditional local listings — a personal local agent whom you’ll meet, the higher service level traditionally associated with full-service listings, an elegant colonial-style sign, and a premium brand.

In fact, I strongly believe the service level you’ll receive is superior to what you’d get from most full-price listing agents today, because while you’ll deal only with me, the broker, from start to finish, whereas most full-price agents today quickly pass off their clients to a processor, assistant, or third-party transaction coordinator.

Southern Homes listings are NOT warmed-over For Sale by Owner (FSBO) listings with garage-sale type signs and an unattended phone number where potential buyers disappear down a black hole.  All our Flat Fee listings are professional Realtor listings with legit signage; electronic “supra” keyboxes; a professional showing service that coordinates appointments with you by phone, text, or email; and a LOCAL Houston broker you can meet with in person, who takes your phone calls and those of your prospective buyers and buyer agents!

Got questions? Great! Check out our FAQ.

Upfront Cost $600 – sale
$650 – sale & lease
Cost at closing $1400 to us + 3%* to buyer agent**
Listing term You decide!
up to 6 months
Contract Work & Guidance Yes!
Negotiation Yes!
Listing on HAR.com, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, etc. Yes!
LOCAL Houston Broker Yes!
Prof. Agent-Friendly Sign Yes!
Showing Service Yes!
Electronic keybox Yes!
Unlimited Seller-hosted Open Houses advertised in MLS Yes!
No-penalty Cancellation at any time home is not under contract Yes!
Market Price Analysis Yes!
Unlimited Listing Updates Yes!

*3% to buyer’s broker is the customary and suggested rate in Houston, but homeowners may offer different commission rates.  If you procure the buyer through your own marketing and networking efforts, you will not need to pay any buyer’s agent commission!

**For properties that you decide to lease, the commission at closing is $600 for standalone lease listings or $1000 for dual sale+lease listings, with the second installment due upon lease signing.

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Have a rental property to list for lease? We can help! More lease info here.

Show me the Money!

How much can Southern Homes save you?  Simple: Take your Expected Sales Price x 3% and subtract $2000. This savings represents the amount of which Southern Homes has reduced its sellside commission from the traditional 3%.

For example: when selling a $300,000 home, a seller would pay $7,000 less in commissions! (3% x $300,000 – $2000).  On a $400,000 home, the savings would be $10,000! (3% x $400,000 – $2000).

It’s no wonder the regular agent has to charge 6%. They have a lot of mouths to feed in their food chain!  In addition to their own listing agent fee, there’s a cut to the listing broker, who in turn has to pay for offices, franchise fees, administrative staff, overheads, etc.  Meanwhile, Southern Homes carries its own broker’s license and keeps its overhead low to save our clients massive amounts of money!